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Industry leaders agree that an email subscriber list can be one of the most profitable marketing channels. Corey Dilley, marketing manager at Unbounce, says their email list is their, ‘biggest asset for driving new acquisitions’. He goes on to say their subscriber list, ‘consistently generates 80-90% of landing page traffic when they launch a new campaign, piece of content or product feature’. In this article, we’ll discuss TEN simple ways you can increase, and retain, the volume of subscribers to your email list.

1. The Simpler the Better

  • Requiring the user to fill out extra fields, such as their name, can make your emails more personal – but it can also be a time consuming and irritating process that can turn impatient users away.
  • It’s entirely preferential, but consider removing everything except field for an email address.
  • The simpler your opt-in form, the more likely you are to gain subscribers.

2. Minimize the Number of Clicks to Subscribe

  • Don’t make the mistake of only including an opt-in box on your home page.
  • Some site visitors will land on different pages, so there’s a possibility they won’t see your home page at all.
  • Make your opt-in box website-wide to minimize the number of clicks required to subscribe.

3. Immediately Engage With New Subs

  • After gaining a new email subscriber, offer them a fantastic one-time deal or incentive on a product or service. The discount can convert a new email subscriber into a customer.
  • The discount could encourage the user to share the offer with their friends, creating a domino effect of new customers.
  • Introduce a referral campaign to new subscribers. VPN service provider Express VPN offers new subscribers 30 days of free service if they successfully refer a person they know. This is another way to simultaneously increase conversions and number of subscribers.

4. Make use of Your Social Feed

  • Mobile Marketing Watch says people launch their social media accounts between 17 and 40 times per day – depending on the country.
  • Make use of your followers by offering them lead magnets in exchange for their email addresses. This is an effective way to increase your subscriber list.

5. Make use of Your Social Bio

  • Your social media bio is usually the first part of your account that visitors will read (see tips for improving your bio in a related article), so make sure your subscriber list or lead magnet is clearly visible.
  • The Economist’s Twitter account includes a clearly visible link to their subscriber page.

6. Provide an E-Mail Preview

  • Improve email open rates by getting creative with your email previews.
  • You can choose to make the first line of your email catchy or appealing to quickly peak the interest of the user.
  • Another option is a less malicious form of clickbait. Include a hidden piece of text in the email preview – so customers can only see the rest by opening the email.
  • These two options are sure to increase email open rates and keep customers subscribed for a longer period.

7. Showcase Your Testimonials

  • Prominently display your testimonials from industry leaders in places you know customers will see them, such as your landing page or home page.
  • Testimonials increase the reliability of your business to new users, as people are more likely to sign up if they can sense they’re in with a business that is authentic and reliable.
  • Finding endorsements from big companies are of course a big bonus, but using a number of positive client reviews can be equally as effective.

8. Try Web Push Notifications

  • Make use of push notifications to reach customers when they aren’t even on your website. Push notifications can boost user engagement rating by 40%.
  • Remember: push notifications, while effective, can also be annoying and have a detrimental affect if they aren’t used in moderation.

9. Get Creative With Your Opt-In Boxes

  • Provide opt-in boxes to users that work seamlessly with the flow of your page’s content. For example, you can engage with users mid-blog with an opt-in box.
  • Doing it this way is more suitable than opt-in boxes appearing in random locations and at random times.
  • Feature boxes are similar but can be added at the top of the page, above the content, or in the sidebar. This is also effective as it grabs the user attention – being the first thing they see.

10. Change the Appearance and Copy of Your CTA Button

  • Change the style of copy to first person with personal pronouns and persuasive words. This will create the sense that you are talking directly with your audience. An example of this would be, ‘Start my free trial?’
  • As well as improving the words, change the appearance of the CTA button by making it more vibrant and visible. Remember to locate it in the correct position with the help of a tracking analytic tool.

Simple but Effective

E-mail marketing is a seriously underrated form of marketing. Want the ability to cast a wide, automated net to potentially thousands of people? Of course you do! It has the potential to outperform any channel and it’s simple to use – simple but effective. Getting people subscribed to your list is the tricky part. However, you should be able to increase subscriber volume by implementing these 10 simple techniques.


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