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Facebook is, by far, the world’s most popular social media platform – with over 2.4 billion monthly users as of January 2020. Tapping into this massive pool of potential customers may seem like an obvious addition to your social media marketing strategy, but the question is how? In this article, we’ll outline the top five most effective tactics you should implement when using Facebook for Business.

1. Increase Conversion Rate With Remarketing

Remarketing refers to the use of proper targeting techniques, ensuring the right people are being made aware of your products or services. There is no doubt that Facebook for business is most successful when you know who your target audience is.

Remarketing can be used for the following:

  • To take a look at those who have visited your site or have shown an interest
  • To segment your visitors based on the pages they have visited
  • To create custom ads that are displayed to your target visitors on Facebook

Remarketing is all about increasing sales and it’s one of the best tactics to get hesitant or forgetful visitors to change their minds and make a purchasing decision through increased exposure.

The reason remarketing is so effective is because you’re targeting and leveraging individuals who are already familiar with your brand. These individuals have passed the awareness stage and are at the consideration stage – increasing the conversion likelihood.

2. Create Shareable Content

Social platforms are great for viral content. We’ve all come across posts that generate huge engagement numbers – whether by accident or through a carefully cultivated marketing campaign. This type of content is much more common on platforms such as Twitter and Instagram, but can still occur on Facebook via interesting and high-quality shareable content.

Shareable content on Facebook increases your reach potential and the chances it will be viewed by a wider audience – it should definitely be an integral part of your social media marketing strategy.

The New York Times conducted a study as part of their ‘Psychology of Sharing’ editorial found the following motivations are reasons people share:

  • To learn new things
  • To teach, support & inform their friends and families
  • To show identity and increase awareness
  • To strengthen connections with those already in their circle
  • To take an active role in the current conversation

It’s important to remember that human beings can often act arbitrarily or without motive – especially in an action that requires as little effort as clicking the share button. However, you should always plan your strategy by giving people a reason to click. Trying to evoke an emotional response has been proven to be the best way forward.

3. Make Use of User Generated Content

User-generated content (UGC) should be a top priority when using Facebook for Business. UGC carries with it a certain level of authenticity that can’t be gained elsewhere, as it’s coming directly from your past or present customers. The content itself can be anything from text, videos, images, reviews and posts from other social platforms.

The authenticity of the content is the reason why it’s so valuable. Facebook users tend to share content that they can relate and empathise with. If you were to take a look at how major companies market their products on the Facebook marketplace, you’ll immediately notice an instant trail of UGC that follows a successful campaign after successful campaign.

The numbers are all the proof you need. It’s been suggested that consumers are 2.5 times more likely to view UGC as authentic compared to other types. Also, Facebook campaigns that make use of UGC have a 20% increase in conversion related decisions than other promotional material.

4. Make use of Facebook Live

Facebook Live is a brilliant feature that can double-up as an incredibly effective marketing tool when properly leveraged to your target audience.

As Facebook Live is free to use, it’s the perfect tool for those of us with a restricted marketing budget. It can even generate more reach than Facebook’s native video feature, as your video will stay at the top of your followers’ newsfeed for as long as you are live.

Here are some great ideas for Facebook Live:

  • Host Q&A Sessions
  • Conduct live interviews
  • Stream live events
  • Announce new products
  • Create a daily/weekly show
  • Provide updates regarding information about your business

5. Native Video

Nowadays, video should be the cornerstone of your social media marketing strategy – owing to its popularity, versatility and the engagement it can generate in terms of likes, comments and shares. Before uploading your video content to video streaming platforms such as YouTube or Vimeo, you should prioritise Facebook’s native video feature.

Choosing native video will provide you with a number of benefits that aren’t accessible when you simply drop a link to another platform. Here are native video’s benefits:

  • Videos play automatically in your followers feed. Generating more views, clicks and comments.
  • Automatic creation of a dedicated video gallery, allowing visitors to easily browse and navigate all your past video content – providing a further boost to engagement.
  • Native video has been proven to increase organic reach by a massive 135% with 4 times as many interactions than videos from other platforms.
  • Gain access to Facebook Page Insights for an accurate assessment of your video analytics. This dedicated analytics page will help you make improvements to future content as you’ll be able to see what is and isn’t working on the page for your business.

Wrap Up

If you were already using Facebook for Business, great! You have a solid foundation to work with and can apply these simple adjustments to great effect. If, for whatever reason, you haven’t been using the platform – at least now you know what you’ve been missing out on!


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