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In the digital age, not having an active social media platform, or if you do have one – using it sparingly – simply isn’t practical for your business. Social media is flexible and you can use your account to post any type of content, from blog posts to video content. As long as its applicable to your business and your target audience. In this article, we’ll discuss the reasons why it can be nothing but beneficial.

1. Increases Brand Awareness

Social media is arguably the easiest way to increase brand awareness due to the widespread nature and popularity of social networks these days. Marketers crave the chance for their content to go viral – and it only takes one great post for this to happen. A user could discover your brand after seeing your viral post appear on their news feed, creating a new follower or customer.

There are a growing number of social networks. You should target the social media platforms that are being used by your current customer base or being used by your target audience. LinkedIn, for example, is great for promoting discourse between professionals from all sectors and age groups. This is a potentially effective marketing platform for B2B’s, small businesses and niche markets.

2. Statistics: Incredibly Wide Spread

The numbers behind social media are staggering. According to Statista, 36% of the world’s population are active on social media, with the figure continuing to rise at an annual rate.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that social media is an exclusively Millennial or Generation Z pastime. Its use is prevalent across ALL age groups – with 55-64 year olds taking up 9% of user share on Facebook. This equates to roughly 230 million users in that age group!

3. Cost Effective

It would be negligent to waste a free marketing campaign opportunity. There are SMM management tools available that allow you to meticulously schedule your content. Bear in mind that, should you decide to go down this route, success doesn’t happen over night. Be prepared for hard work and to produce consistent, quality social content.

Furthermore, in a digital marketing sense, the ROI for SMM is unbeatable. The cost-per-click for Google AdWords can reach extortionate levels depending on your targeted keyword. This is when you should make use of your social media profile. Post liberally to your followers to maximize potential returns.

4. Increase Brand Loyalty

Your social media presence allows you to interact with followers and customers. Directly engaging with them and building a daily rapport will ultimately increase customer loyalty to your brand. Creating real relationships with your social media followers can show that your brand values them as people first and a source of revenue second.

5. Efficient Customer Service

  • 71% of users who have good social media service are likely to recommend the brand to other people.
  • 63% of customers actually expect companies to offer customer service via their social media networks.
  • 90% of social media users have already used social media as a way to communicate with a brand or business.

Your social media channels provide you with a direct line to your customers. Nike has a dedicated customer service account on Twitter (@teamnike), which they use to talk to users directly and solve issues or answer any query they may have.

6. Improve your Page Ranking & Increase Traffic

You should be continuously optimizing your social media campaigns. SMO is the optimization of social media content through your active social networks. It describes the refinement of both your social media profile(s) and behaviour.

Search engine crawlers search for, and prioritise, pages and sites that consistently earn traffic. This is where your content marketing specialists should think about posting unique, relevant and engaging content. This will ultimately result in a higher ranking in Google SERPs and increase organic website traffic.

7. More Opportunities to Convert

  • 67% of Twitter users are more likely to buy from brands they follow on Twitter
  • 90% of these users follow businesses on Twitter to get promos and discounts

Social media give you more opportunities to make potential sales. Above all, people view social media as a platform to connect with their friends and share interesting content. Keep this notion in mind and combine it with social media advertising for an effective customer creation funnel.

8. Bonus for E-Mail marketing

Your social media bio is usually the first part of your account that visitors will read, so make sure your subscriber list or lead magnet is clearly visible.

Mobile Marketing Watch says people launch their social media accounts between 17 and 40 times per day – depending on the country. Make use of your followers by offering them lead magnets in exchange for their email addresses. This is an effective way to increase your subscriber list.

Your Brand Needs a Social Presence

You’ll be doing your business a massive disservice if you don’t have an adequate social media presence. The reasons stated above should be enough to convince you of social media’s credentials as an incredibly effective marketing channel.



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