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The current global climate is one of uncertainty, confusion and anxiety as the coronavirus pandemic continues to affect millions of people around the world. Doing what we can to negate the spread of the disease, as well as providing useful information should be our top priority.

Considering the implications of everything that’s currently happening, there’s no better time than the present to maintain and strengthen the relationships with your friends and families.

Brands have a role to play, too. Building trust and soothing COVID-19 related tensions are possible through a carefully leveraged content marketing strategy. As more and more people turn to digital media in search of trusted sources, your content should focus on providing your audience with information that’s altruistic, authentic and helpful.

It seems that we’re in this for the long run, so let’s focus on being a source of relief amidst the ongoing global health crisis. Here’s what you can do to help.

Provide Frequent Updates

The coronavirus pandemic has rapidly slowed down the need for non-essential information and solutions, but that isn’t to say the need has stopped altogether. What was previously a deluge is a now just a trickle – but a trickle nonetheless.

The vast majority of information sharing now orbits anything and everything to do with the pandemic. Authoritative sources such as the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have consistently been at the forefront, and will remain there until the pandemic ends.

Citing news supplied by those authoritative sources and pivoting away to relate the news to something linked within your industry is the smart and responsible approach in these sensitive times and a good way to build consumer trust.

An example of this would be to supplement their expertise on the matter with additional tips and other helpful solutions to problems caused by the pandemic. Your digital marketing activity could include topics such as ‘how to stay active at home?’ and ‘how to connect with clients while adhering to social distancing’.

Empathise With Your Audience

The coronavirus pandemic is a natural disaster of unprecedented proportions, in both scale and impact – the like of which is doubtful to be seen again in our lifetimes.

As a result, in the face of such adversity, we’ve seen the galvanization of humanity on a massive scale. Collectively, we’ve never seen a world more united, as people of immensely different backgrounds and circumstances now share a common cause – arguably for the first time.

Where online marketing is concerned, empathising and identifying with your audience is now more important than ever before. Dealing with the pandemic becomes easier when it’s experienced together. B2B marketers must remember that their interactions aren’t with business entities, but with human beings. Sharing our unique stories and wisdom will be a source of comfort to others, and adds a personal perspective to how others are coping in the current climate.

Use Digitalisation to Your Advantage

As a result of the pandemic, terms such as ‘self-isolation’, ‘quarantine’, ‘lockdown’ and ‘social distancing’ have been an integral part of the global conversation. Although physical movement has been largely inhibited to the confines of our homes, digitalisation means the connection we have to people from around the world still remains intact.

The reduction of personal interactions has resulted in a craving for some form of socialization. Social media and video communication applications such as Skype, Zoom and Microsoft Teams can replicate that dynamic with your potential customers or current clients.

Where live-streaming and social networking events might have been redundant and a waste of resources pre-pandemic due to time constraints and busy schedules; the fact that most professionals are currently working from home can be used to your advantage. The problems related to drawing big crowds no longer apply, as the majority will have easy access to these digital platforms from their homes.

Prepare for the Long Term

Uncertain times calls for a bit of hope; life would get miserable fairly quickly without it. However, taking the time to recognise and confront the elephant in the room is equally as important. The inconvenient truth is that the prospective duration for these current circumstances remains unclear. No one knows when things will go back to normal, so for now, what we’re currently experience is the new norm.

There’s a stark sense of apathy when things like conversion rate and digital marketing planning are discussed amidst a global health crisis, but retaining at least a semblance of normality is crucial to the survival of businesses from all industries.

As things stand, strategising and planning for the long-term wouldn’t hurt. As we previously mentioned, companies should use digitalisation to their advantage and consider simplifying their current online purchasing and transactions process. Companies should also focus the content of their active digital marketing channels on maintaining brand awareness in a way that’s altruistic and considerate.

Wrap Up

These are unprecedented times. We can’t refer to a manuscript to solve all our problems and instead must learn and evolve on a daily basis through uncharted and perilous territory. The one benefit we have is that we’re all experiencing it together, at the same time. Base your content on what you feel you would want to read as a concerned citizen. Your readers will appreciate it much more.


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