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Digital marketing has steadily moved from niche to necessity, with application development and social media services exploding to suit the modern consumer. Nowadays, web development companies operate in a highly competitive industry. These conditions make it a buyers market and whether you have a large or small business, you’ll easily find something suitable for your budget. In this article, we’ll discuss how to choose the right web design company for you.

Set Your Budget

Before you do anything… set your budget! There’s a lot of competition in what is quite a saturated market, setting your budget will streamline the extensive list of agencies that are out there.

Finding something that works under budget is the ideal scenario, but make sure it’s flexible to account for any upsells that could be coming your way. Don’t be intimidated by the upsells on offer; sure, the agency has a financial incentive to offer any extra services, but it’s good to remember that web development companies in Dubai are experts in their field and will know what will work for your business.

Pricing: What is and isn’t Included?

Unfortunately, website design companies don’t usually make their pricing lists publicly available and must be contacted directly for a quote. Once a quote has been sent, it’s crucial that you talk to the agency about their policy on additional fees to ensure you aren’t hit with any unexpected costs.

There are two contract types that are typically on offer:

  • hourly
  • project-based

If your budget is on the smaller end of the spectrum you should find an agency that offers project-based pricing. This way you won’t have to deal with any hidden costs and fees during or after the design and development. It’s up to you to get the details yourself.

Important: Make sure you get the final cost of the project before signing the contract!

Review Their Client List

Most established digital marketing agencies will display successful projects and past clients on their website, so take a look at their online portfolio. Not only will this give you an idea of what to expect from their design style, but it also gives you a chance to do a little digging and discover what these clients had to say about the service.

Who is Responsible for Building the Website?

Does the agency have an in-house team or do they outsource their technical work? You should always look for the former when available. An in-house team is a group of familiar people who have worked together on previous projects. Looking at the agency’s portfolio, you’ll know that the house team are the people who created and worked on the projects that are shown.

The latter option is an agency that farms out their technical work to an ad-hoc team of freelancers. This is a riskier but often cheaper option. You can’t guarantee quality will be produced, as the team are usually strangers who won’t know each other’s strengths and weaknesses. They will most likely go their separate ways once the project is complete making aftercare and support much more inconvenient.

The best course would be to get the name and contact information of a representative who is personally responsible for overseeing the progress of your website. This person becomes your direct line and centralises the responsibility in case of any mishaps that might occur. This way you know who is responsible and it removes all doubt.

Are they using CMS?

A competent website development agency will be able to explain in objective and simple terms the technical aspects of which content management system (CMS) they are using and which one will provide the most benefits in your individual case.

A CMS is a platform that acts as the framework for your website and allows the user to log into the backend of the site to update text, images and videos etc. There are many platforms, with the most popular being WordPress and Joomla. The agency should tell you which CMS they are using and how you’ll be able to add and edit content once the website is complete and whether training is required to do so.

Aftercare and Support

A good web designing and development company will provide full aftercare and support services once your project has been completed. This will include training on how to use the CMS platform in place and support for any technical questions that you have. If your website needs changes that require programming or a design team, the agency will provide a quote for those changes as well; however, it’s recommended that changes needed in the first month after launch should be free of charge.

Look and you shall find

Looking for a web design company when you’re unfamiliar with the technical terminology seems like a daunting task. Once you start the search and become more accustomed to the language, we guarantee that you’ll find the perfect team in no time!


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