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October 01, 2019
Web development

How to Decrease Customer Indecision & Increase Conversions

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Seconds count in the business of e-commerce. An ideal scenario would see potential customers browse and buy as quickly as possible, as delays have been proven to decrease the likelihood of conversions. A competent conversion marketing company will tell you that someone with too many options is less likely to make a purchase, after all.

Fortunately, maximizing the capabilities of your e-shop without adding to the redesign cost or other unwanted expenses is now simpler than ever. In this article, we’ll look at the variety of cost-effective techniques that can be easily leveraged to offset customer indecision, providing a significant boost to your bottom line.

Simplify Your Navigation

A complicated navigation system can be a conversion killer. In 2015, KoMarketing issued a web usability report in which half of the survey participants described making use of a new website’s navigation menu to better familiarise themselves with the design. A particularly damning statistic and one to keep in mind were that 37% of report participants blamed website abandonment on a poor navigation system.

If your analytics are telling you that the majority of people are visiting your website with the intention to shop – don’t overcomplicate things! Display your highest converting pages first and remove anything that could be deemed surplus to requirements.

Be Sensible With Promotions

Promotions are a great way to attract new customers or to retain existing ones by encouraging them to shop again. If you’re an e-shop owner, promotions are highly recommended and are regarded as an effective marketing cornerstone.

But for all their benefits, promotions should be used in moderation. Too many and customers can get distracted from their original purpose – drawing attention away from a potentially swift sale. Effective conversion marketing strategies typically have one or two promotions per page. It’s a good idea to stick to this formula.

Coordinate Your CTAs

The Call to Action button (CTA) literally converts clicks into customers by guiding customers to the checkout or cart. Changing or improving your CTA button will provide marginal gains but these are cost-effective methods that don’t require an overhaul. Simply brighten it up and make it more visible and you’ll already be doing your business a favour.

Please remember that it’s important to select only one CTA type for each process. Whether it’s the colour, shape or design, uncoordinated CTAs can be confusing and overcomplicate the flow of your website.

Display Your Most Recent Content First

Software-based marketing company Marketo defines content marketing as:

[…] the process of creating high-quality, valuable content to attract, inform, and engage an audience, while also promoting the brand itself. Buyers and consumers are already searching the web for answers that your brand is uniquely positioned to offer.

The content must be interesting, relevant and provide debate or answers to current topics or questions within a niche to keep users returning to your website. This will increase your brand awareness and inevitably bring your targeted audience to your website or social platform.

Regarding swift conversions, content marketing – when implemented with a well-planned strategy – can undoubtedly provide positive results for your business. Only when used in the right way, however.

Not every website visitor will be a customer; many will visit your site with the intention of browsing your content for research purposes or for pleasure. In this case, make use of a post slider or provide a separate link to your blog in the navigation bar. This way you won’t have an oversaturation of links to old content on pages they don’t belong, which can distract potential customers.

Include Search Filters

When it comes to fast and efficient searching, filters are an absolute necessity. Can you imagine the difficulty a customer would have in finding their desired item without search filters? The simple feature has been an e-commerce revelation since its introduction. What’s strange is that only 58% of top e-commerce websites have category-specific filter types for their core products. Little over half.

Filters need to be user-friendly and contain as much information as possible. There’s no harm in adding filters to your filters to provide the most streamlined searching experience possible.

Rounding Off

In the world of e-commerce and web design, studies suggest something as simple as improving your CTA button CAN produce results. The design techniques described above are easy to implement and cost-effective. So, what are you waiting for?

Look at your website from the perspective of a customer. How would you react when faced with what seems like a never-ending chain of decisions. Leave? Stall? Perhaps you’d come back at a later date? Conversion rate optimization is all about the identification and removal of unnecessary decision making. Implement these tactics and you’ll be taking a step in the right direction.


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