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Consider this: what makes the perfect logo? And is it really necessary to spend a significant portion of your marketing budget on creating one? In this article, we’ll look at a case study to compare the cost of a massive rebranding campaign to logo-designing services that are free and readily available to everyone. There are options out there for all budgets!

Case Study: BP Blunder

In 2000, British Petroleum, now BP, hired the US based brand-consulting firm Landor Associates for a massive corporate branding overhaul. During the design process, Landor Associates replaced BP’s ‘green shield’ logo with the newly registered ‘Helios’ symbol. Inspired by the Greek sun god, Landor aimed to present an image of clean and sustainable energy for the future of the oil and gas company. This is reinforced by the corporate slogan adjustment to, ‘Beyond Petroleum’. The total cost reached $211,000,000. From Landor Associates:

‘This Helios mark was developed, symbolizing the newly merged company. Bright and bold, the identity evokes natural forms and energy that represent, respectively, BP’s position as an environmental leader and its goal of moving beyond the petroleum sector.’

Fast-forward 10 years and BP were at fault for the largest marine oil spill in petroleum history – the scandalous Deepwater Horizon oil spill. BP were forced to pay the largest corporate settlement in US history at roughly 20 billion USD. In 2018 the bill now tops 65 billion USD! With the benefit of hindsight, a cynic could argue that the direction of the brand change was short-sighted and ultimately ironic following the now infamous episode. It’s the nature of the business!

Free Logo Design

Free Logo Design is an incredibly simple online platform that allows you to create your own logo by using a pre-made template as a base.

Depending on the process, you can become your own custom logo designer in a matter of minutes. Simply follow a series of straightforward steps and the logo is yours to keep!

Choose your category

  1. First, enter your company name in the first field. The logo maker will automatically apply the text you provide to the template.
  2. Next, choose a category from the drop-down menu that is most likely to appeal to your target audience.

Using Incrify as our example, the category ‘Business & Consulting’ would be most relevant to the business logos we are interested in creating.

You can be sure to find a template that suits you from a wide selection of categories – no matter how unique your business may be!

Select a template

A design company can certainly provide you with a strong logo, but for what can end up being a substantial fee. Choosing from a pre-made template can be equally as effective for those on a budget.

Graphics are more memorable than names. This is why companies tend to spend so much money on creating the perfect logo – one that can appropriately represent their business.

Your future brand identity will ultimately revolve around the visuals of your logo. A better logo will lead to better brand recall and increased brand awareness. Choose wisely!


Customize the template to create your own unique logo. You can make adjustments to all elements of the pre-made template. There are four modifiable elements for our chosen template, including the text.

You can change the colour, shape and position of each element. Your final logo could end up having no resemblance to the original template.

Note: If you’re happy with how your logo turned out in the original template, you can leave it as it is and move on. This is something we absolutely do not recommend. Using an unedited template means you run the risk of creating a logo that is similar, or even identical, to another business.

Save and collect

When you’re happy with the design created, click the save button and you’ll be taken to the final page where you’ll be given four options: edit, free (low res), high-res and website & logo.

You can download a low-res version for free or pay for a high quality version. The low-res version is perfectly suitable for basic website use. The high quality version should be purchased if you’re planning on using the logo in a professional sense e.g. on business cards etc.

The best things in life are…

There are specialist designers in Dubai that can create a logo for your business, but depending how much work you put into it, free alternatives can look just as good as professional logos. Having absolute control over the creative process and creating your own logo from scratch can be stressful but extremely rewarding.


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