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Nowadays, it’s fair to say that your website serves as an accurate reflection of your business. Tech-savvy Millennials and their younger generational counterparts expect the best when browsing the ever-expanding selection of online stores – whipping up a competitive frenzy amongst industry rivals.

Business owners are constantly on the lookout for opportunities to cut costs when profit margins narrow and ROI isn’t up to the required standard. While it’s true that budgeting is simply part-and-parcel of running a successful business, we recommend against any austere measures when your website is concerned.

Let’s take a look at why a custom website design should be an integral part of your digital marketing strategy – think of it as a worthwhile investment, as opposed to an up-front cost.

First Impressions Matter

A custom design costs significantly more than their standard template counterparts – and for good reason. You’re paying for the graphic design, development and labour from industry experts who specialise in building high-quality websites. It’s a costly investment that will inevitably pay dividends as you’ll end up with a website built for performance and a strong online presence.

It also goes a long way towards casting a great first impression on your site visitors. According to HubSpot, 90% of online users will leave a website if it has a weak design! Going back to what we previously mentioned, the modern online consumer expects nothing but the best if they’re to part with their hard-earned money!

Express Your Brand

If you find that the online marketplace in your niche is saturated with basic template designs then commissioning a custom one will help you stand out. Even the finest of margins can give you a competitive advantage in a tight market.

Also, a custom design will give you the chance to express your brand in a personalised way. There are no rules, limits or pre-set boundaries that you must adhere to. Instead, you can make it as attractive, multimedia-driven, fast loading and unique as you want to.

Tailored User-Experience

Studies have shown that 79% of users will leave a website and continue their search elsewhere if a website is not properly optimized.

Decreasing bounce rate is an objective that runs indefinitely in the mind of a business owner. With a custom design, you can run A/B tests to determine which design has the best consumer reaction. This way, you’ll be targeting your preferred audience down to their exact specifications; utilising web development services to create the perfect UI for your customers.

A custom build also allows you to configure and optimize a range of crucial elements that you’re inherently limited to with a template design. Make sure you’ve got each of the following bases covered by going custom:

  • Loading Time: Three seconds is all it takes for a visitor to leave a webpage if the loading time is too slow.
  • Mobile Responsiveness: If your website doesn’t respond to a range of mediums, say goodbye to scores of potential customers.
  • Navigational Simplicity: Visitors want the purchasing journey to be quick, simple and straight to the point. A complicated navigation system will only unnerve them.
  • Shopping Cart Functionality: Your shopping cart is where sales are made; don’t give your potential customers grounds for cart abandonment.

You Have the Power!

The power is in your hands… literally! At the tips of your fingers (and after some training if required) you’ll have full control over every aspect of your website’s functions. Add or remove features, move the menu and images around whenever you want, optimize the site for navigational usability and social media integration – the choice is yours.

With custom design comes complete customisation – the clue is in the name! You can manipulate the design however and whenever you please. Dubai-based web designers can tailor the final product completely to your liking.

Wrap Up

Giving your business even the basic form of online presence has become a necessity – it’s unfeasible to think otherwise. Whether you should take the step towards a custom web design is entirely dependent on your current and future goals.

A small, family-run business – without any plans of scaling up – wouldn’t have the greatest need for a powerful custom-built website. After careful deliberation, contact a web design company in Dubai to make an informed decision.


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