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SEO is a process that isn’t limited to websites; social media marketing (SMM) uses many of the same techniques – techniques that are easily transferrable to your social campaigns and accounts. The main differences are the how and the what, but the general idea stays the same.

In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at the relationship between SEO and social media as well as several SEO techniques that can be effectively implemented into your social campaigns. Read on to find out more!

Posting Quality and Quantity

The first technique is a simple one that doesn’t require any previous experience or digital nous to effectively implement.

Marketers agree that there is a direct correlation between posting frequency and social media presence. If your audience isn’t consistently seeing your brand then there’s a chance it could be quickly forgotten about. The digital world operates at a relentless pace, and it’s difficult to catch up once you’ve started falling behind.

It’s not a problem if you prefer quality over quantity. It must be said that this option is only recommended if your brand already has a firm foothold in its niche. If that is the case, posting extremely high-quality content after lengthy periods, say once one month, it will create a buzz and excitement for each upcoming post. There are various YouTube accounts that use this method.

Keyword Optimization

Keywords are one of the most important aspects of SEO and should be used in your SMM strategy.

In the realm of SEO, a specialist should have a promotion strategy based on extensive research into market competitors and via their own website analysis. This research will form the basis of their primary semantic core – a collection of keywords organized in clusters based on frequency.

This will be an exhaustive list of words that will be compiled over the course of several months. These keywords will:

  • Form the structure of the website
  • Generate meta tags (code that will help tell search engines about the content of each page)
  • Form the landing page text
  • Conduct off-page SEO

Social media channels are often used as search engines too; nowadays, Twitter and Reddit are even used as a primary source of news! This shows the Importance of social media in SEO and their closely linked relationship, you should think about the types of words and phrases that people type into search engines and incorporate them into your posts.

Remember: although there isn’t a limit to the number of keywords that you can add, there are measures in place that serve to punish those who oversaturate their posts with only keywords.

Choose the Right Images

Images act as the frontline for most digital content and are one of the most effective tools available for social media and SEO in 2019; whether that is social media or blog posts – images are used to draw in the user and attract attention. If you’re thinking about posting without an image included, you might as well post nothing at all – such is their importance.

The image should be relatable to the content and of the highest possible quality. A pixelated image will act as a repellent and drive customers away. Appealing to window shoppers is crucial, as it’s increasingly common for people to click an image without even reading the attached text.

Optimize Your Titles and Meta Tags

As we previously mentioned, Google can recognise an over-saturation of keywords in an attempt to boost its visibility to more users. Instead, SEO should involve polishing headlines and meta descriptions to attract interested users. Google will weigh up a link’s click-through-rate (CTR) and page bounce rate. This will heavily impact ranking.

The same can be said of Social media SEO. Standing out from the crowd with the ability to attract attention and compel users to click your profile can affect ranking in the long-term. Adopting a particular angle that resonates with a large number of users for your meta descriptions and headlines should improve click-through-rate.

Short Term Losses for Long Term Gain

When implementing your SEO and social media management strategy, you shouldn’t show bias to individual techniques that require the least amount of effort or experience and ignore the rest. When it comes to SEO, you need to be objective and committed to the overall process.

Testing and re-testing several techniques will potentially be costly in the early stages of your strategy, but the upside outweighs the cost in the long term. After finding out what works for you, replicate the effective technique and maximize your efforts.

SEO and SMM are arguably two separate marketing aspects, which converge to create a single homogenous process that can greatly impact the potential of your brand online!


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