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February 01, 2019
Digital marketing

Simple Tactics to Increase the Conversion Rate of Your E-Shop

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In the business of e-commerce, prioritizing the conversion of clicks into customers tops the bill. We’re always thinking of how to increase sales and fortunately there are various cost effective tactics that can be easily leveraged. Maximizing the capabilities of your e-shop without adding to the redesign cost or other unwanted expenditures are simpler than ever. Here we’ll look at the various ways you can make the most of your online shop.

Publish Your Product Reviews

It’s important to publish ALL of your product reviews. Hiding negative reviews and choosing to only showcase the positive is an immediate red flag for customers. Christopher Mims writing for the MIT Technology Review suggest that negative reviews boost sales. Amazon’s review system should be the benchmark for other online retailers making use of their e-shop.

Do the Most With Your Images

High quality images add to the professionalism of your site. A customer who can interact with high-resolution images is more likely to buy your products as you are giving them a degree of realism and insight into what the product would look like in person. It’s important to include images that can be rotated, scaled and generally manipulated to the customer’s liking. It would be perfectly feasible, for example, for a low cost website design in Dubai to still include high quality photos without adding to unwanted cost.

Describe Your Product in Detail

Producing a long, detailed description of your product may seem like a daunting task – and one that may disengage impatient customers. In fact, the opposite is true. Truly interested customers appreciate being able to properly read and digest as much information as possible before making a purchase. You can even provide a summary for shopper’s who already know what they want.

An important thing to remember is to not copy directly from the manufacturer, as this will have a negative effect on your SEO. Instead, try to personalize your product descriptions directly with the needs of your customer.

Improve Your CTA Button

The Call to Action button (CTA) guides customers to the checkout or cart. The button itself literally converts clicks into customers. Changing or improving your CTA button will provide marginal gains but these are cost effective methods that don’t require an overhaul. Simply brighten it up and make it more visible and you’ll already be doing your business a favor.

Display Contact Information Clearly

Similar to improving your CTA button, this method is another quick fix with proven results. Displaying your contact information clearly, especially for smaller e-commerce platforms, will build trust and remove what lingering doubt a customer may have. Deciding to part ways with hard earned money is always hard – harder still with a relatively unknown retailer. In this case, building confidence and trust is key.

Prioritize and Showcase Security

The notion of e-commerce security is multi-faceted with a variety of individual aspects. These individual aspects work together to give the customer a sense of safety when purchasing from your site. Professional web design, SSL encryption and payment security are part of the umbrella term for e-commerce security.

Hanon are a small online clothes retailer based in the UK. They use a variety of simple security protocols that adds to the professionalism their low-cost e-commerce website development. There is an element of transparency when businesses include their various social media platforms and give an option to join their mailing list.

Follow Up Instances of Cart Abandonment

Cart abandonment is a market wide issue faced by businesses in every industry. There are a multitude of causes for cart abandonment – so the issue can’t be tied down to one specific factor. These range from critical issues such as shipping cost or the same product found for less on a competitor’s site. However, doubt or even forgetfulness can be causes for cart abandonment.

Following up with customers via email is a simple way to bring back hesitant customers. It’s important to collect email addresses during the checkout process for this to be possible.

Think About Abolishing Your Shipping Costs

So far we’ve discussed how to increase sales in the most cost-effective ways possible. Removing shipping costs has proven to be an incredibly effective way to boost sales across the board – but it comes at your own personal expense.

In 2011 the e-tailing group wrote a study: ‘The Connected Consumer’ which found that 73% of consumers believe unconditional free shipping with purchases is the most important feature and top ranked deciding factor when purchasing a product online. The e-trailing group described this as a ‘critical’ group.

Souq is the largest e-commerce platform in the Middle East. They are the benchmark for e-commerce website development in Dubai and offer a ‘free shipping program’ on orders over 100 AED. This differs from Amazon’s free shipping leniency: Amazon offers free shipping on a wider range of less expensive products and require a lower cost threshold to be passed. However, it’s an important step towards increasing conversion rate.

Simple but effective

With only one exception, we’ve looked at several cost effective and simple techniques you could implement to increase your e-shop conversion. It may initially seem like a daunting task but the studies do suggest something as simple as improving your CTA button CAN produce results. Remember: increasing sales won’t happen overnight; but these simple steps will prove to be a good start.


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