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Keeping your customers engaged is crucial to business longevity. So what exactly does ‘engagement’ actually entail?

Engagement is the designated umbrella marketing term used each time a customer interacts with your brand through the various marketing channels. Whether the interaction takes place on social media, through a mobile application, on your website or via direct communication – each interaction can be classified as engagement.

In our fast-paced, increasingly online and digitalized world, finding ways to get people to engage and pay attention to your brand is at the forefront of most digital marketing strategies. The success of video content as a highly shareable tool has resulted in an increasing number of businesses that are now intent on producing their own.

Here are five reasons why video content is arguably the best tool to inform, update and engage your online audience.

1. It’s Entertaining!

First of all, let’s take a look at some fairly significant video statistics:

  • Viewers are 27x more likely to click on a video ad over one that’s static.
  • Videos receive 1200% more shares than text and images combined!
  • Viewers retain 95% of a video message, compared to just 10% of a written message.
  • Roughly 90% of information transmitted to our brains is visual

Generally speaking, humans are much more visually inclined – the numbers speak for themselves. If you want to convey a specific message that’s central to your marketing campaign, doing so in an entertaining way will get you much better results. Your message could otherwise get lost in a mass of on-screen text that viewers simply can’t be bothered to read!

2. It Simplifies Your Message for the Masses

Expanding on the previous point, video content has the ability to simplify your message in a way that’s accessible to a much larger audience.

Where marketing is concerned, it’s important to keep in mind that –despite audience targeting – a vast amount of people will encounter your content with no real understanding of the niche or industry. The idea that you’re trying to portray through text might make perfect sense to you and your colleagues, but the same can’t be said for those unfamiliar with the intricacies of your work.

Video, on the other hand, can easily convert complex or technical ideas into a format that’s much easier to understand. Moving images accompanied by text or commentary is the way forward if you’re looking to untangle your tricky subject matter.

3. It Expands Your Reach Potential

YouTube and Vimeo, as well as the major social networks such as Instagram and Facebook, are either dedicated online video platforms or have a native video feature that can help you reach multiple audiences across multiple platforms.

This flexibility means you’ll only have to create your video content once. Afterwards, you’re free to simply copy the embed code and upload it to as many platforms as you wish. This way, your content has the potential to leave no stone unturned, as users who might prefer a certain platform over another can still view and enjoy your content – maximizing your reach with just one type of video!

Reliability won’t be an issue, either; as these platforms operate with the highest level of functionality, so you don’t have to worry about lag or other technical hitches from spoiling your content.

4. It’s More Memorable

Think of it like this: would you rather spend your time reading an essay, or watching a short clip on the same subject? The answer is an obvious one.

Remember what we said earlier? Viewers retain 95% of a video message, compared to just 10% of a written one. The essay might be filled with incredibly detailed information, but our nature as human beings dictates that retaining text just isn’t as feasible compared to a video format.

The inherent qualities of video allow us to remember what we’ve just watched far more easily. 65% of people require visual aids to learn and the moving images create a narrative that’s engaging and receptive, taking on the form of a digital storyteller for a more accessible experience.

It makes sense for the vast majority of viewers to better retain information when it’s acquired from a medium that supports and accommodates their natural inclinations. Highlighting the importance of an effective video marketing campaign.

5. It Can Increase Your Sales

Last but not least, video content is a great financial investment. The shareable nature of video means your brand will be kept in the active conversation, and as long as it’s in the conversation, your potential conversion rate will remain high.

Buyer intent increases by a massive 95% while a viewer watches your video! The trend continues as 65% of people will remain in the consideration phase immediately after the video ends. These numbers suggest that as long as your video is in the public eye and getting viewed, there’s a good chance it will lead to conversions.

Needless to say, this doesn’t mean you’re simply free to produce any old rubbish and still get the same results! Focus on pain points, answer their questions and be a valuable source of information to your target audience.

Wrap  Up

Simply put, video is the future. Video as a marketing tool is head and shoulders above its counterparts. Whether you look at its potential reach & retention, its shareability, the entertainment factor or the sales it could generate – video is quickly becoming a necessity in most marketing strategies.


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