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If you’re in the market for website development, you’ll find that there are typically two formats at drastically opposing price ranges: custom or template. Custom web design is a long-term investment for goal-oriented business owners, whereas the latter is normally used as a quick fix and cost-effective solution for small businesses. In this article, we’ll discuss the purpose of a custom web design company in the digital age and why it could be a worthwhile investment.

Custom Coded Website Features:

You should easily be able to recognise a custom coded website as opposed to a template website. There will be a noticeable improvement in quality with the inclusion of high-quality images, logo designs, navigation, website architecture and a strong brand presence, among others. Aside from the obvious and immediately recognisable features, here is a list of other custom-coded additions:

  • Acquire a customer database via the website
  • Customer questionnaires, surveys and forms
  • Customers have the ability to customise products via custom upload and design feature
  • Distinct lead triggers for effective sales funnel
  • Site segmentation
  • Professional website portal for B2B or B2C presentations of data

Worthy Investment

The most unmistakable difference that you’ll see between custom and template web design and development is the price. To put it simply, a custom design costs significantly more than their standard template counterparts – and for good reason. You’re paying for the graphic design, development and labour from industry experts who specialise in building high-quality websites. It’s a costly investment that will inevitably pay dividends as you’ll end up with a website built for performance and a strong online presence.

Express Your Brand

If you find that the online marketplace in your niche is saturated with basic template designs then commissioning a custom one will help you stand out. Even the finest of margins can give you a competitive advantage in a tight market with a multitude of design agencies.

Also a custom design will give you the chance to express your brand in a personalised way. There are no rules, limits or pre-set boundaries that you must adhere to. Instead, you can make it as attractive, multimedia-driven, fast loading and unique as you want to.

Customer Oriented Experience

Studies have shown that 79% of users will leave a website and continue their search elsewhere if a website is not properly optimized. Decreasing bounce rate is an objective that runs indefinitely in a business owner’s mind. With a custom design, you can run A/B tests to figure out which design has the best consumer reaction. This way, you’ll be targeting your preferred audience down to their exact specifications; utilising web development services to create the perfect UI for your customers.

Have Full Control

The power is in your hands… literally! At the tips of your fingers (and after some training if required) you’ll have full control over every aspect of your website’s functions. Add or remove features and move the menu and images around whenever you want – the choice is yours. With custom design comes complete customisation – the clue is in the name! You can manipulate the design to however and whenever you please. Dubai web designers can tailor the final product completely to your liking.

A Step You Should Consider…

Now that we’re well into the digital age, this means that giving your business even the basic form of online presence has become a necessity – it’s unfeasible to think otherwise. Whether you should take the step towards a custom web design is entirely dependent on your current and future goals. For example, a small, family-run business, with no plans to scale up would have no need for a powerful custom-built website. After considering your present and future goals, contact a web design company in Dubai and make an informed decision.


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