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Let’s begin with a basic definition of a digital agency: a digital agency is a firm that specialises in the technical aspects of development and digital marketing as opposed to the creative.

The role of a digital agency has grown and progressed alongside the Internet. The emergence of e-Commerce as a lucrative sector +has propelled the need for, and number of, digital marketing agencies around the world. It’s a highly competitive market. But what exactly are they? In this article we’ll break down the fundamental features of a digital agency, using our very own Incrify as an example.

Digital Agency vs. Creative Agency

In practice, marketing can be difficult to navigate. It’s a multi-dimensional machine consisting of multiple, shifting directions and depending on your strategy; there are many beneficial routes a business can choose to traverse. Digital and creative agencies specialise in two different realms of marketing; and so are inclined with their own objective based strategies.

Regardless, both agency and client will want a large return on investment – but it’s their methods of design and development that differ. (We’ll look at this in detail later)

The Creative Specialists

A creative agency aims to produce in the most visually pleasing way possible. They are traditional in the sense that they have existed, and been successful, for a lot longer than digital. They value visual design and place emphasis on the aesthetic as opposed to functionality.

Creative agencies owe their longevity to basic human nature. People are innately attracted to high quality visual designs that are exciting or interesting. They can therefore operate within a broad range of industries as opposed to a niche – and aren’t tied down to a specific clientele. This flexibility will grant them continued success for many years to come.

Businesses looking to increase sales across a wide demographic spectrum without a single target market focus are more likely to choose a creative agency.

The Technical Specialists

Upanup defines a digital agency as: ‘a company that provides strategic direction, creative design and technical development’. It’s important to know that a digital agency differs from a creative agency – they have opposing digital marketing strategies. The former places emphasis on the technical growth of a brand whereas the latter is a more creative driven process.

A digital agency still cares about the overall aesthetic and design of the brand – that goes without saying. But their specialty lies within the technical realm. They are experts on the vast spectrum of technical IT terms; for example, those that fall under the SEO umbrella: SERPs, bounce rate and crawl budget among others.

User experience takes precedence over aesthetic design. This is an important feature and also the key difference between the two types of agency. A digital agency will centre their website development on functional UX and UI – focussed on the sleek and simple to use rather than being explicitly artistic.

Typically, a digital agency will operate within a specific market niche or tend to have a similar client base. In doing so, they are able to meticulously strategize and produce consistent and effective results. It’s where the passion and experience lies that makes them different.

Growing and expanding your online presence requires A LOT of work. After learning of the process and terms, it may seem understandably daunting for a budding business and their inexperienced digital strategy. The emergence of digital agencies ultimately takes this burden away from the client, so they can instead focus on the future results.

So far, we’ve described the inner workings of a digital agency as well as the key differences between a digital agency and their creative counterparts. Now, what better way to look at an example of a fully operational and high-quality digital agency than our very own Incrify?

Incrify, a digital marketing agency in Dubai, are the archetypal market niche specialists. Branching out with new offices in Dubai and Vienna, Incrify are starting to penetrate both European and Middle Eastern markets. Utilizing the latest digital solutions technologies and activating ALL available market channels – they give the best opportunities to businesses looking to grow and maximize their target audience.

Incrify offers a wide range of products and services. As technical specialists, here are some examples of what they do:

  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Website design development
  • Landing page optimization
  • Corporate branding and logo design

Incrify encapsulates the very definition of what we’ve been discussing so far. They specialise within a market niche – meaning they can employ expert tactics gained through experience and knowledge of the niche. They perform specialist technical methods, whilst also caring about the aesthetic – but not the extent of a pure creative agency.

To conclude

A digital agency strategizes business growth by focussing on the technical aspects of online marketing. The exponential annual increase in global Internet usage and coverage suggests that, since their emergence, the influence of digital agencies will continue to grow.


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